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The Albert Trummer School Of Cocktail Artistry And Mixology was formed with a mission to uphold the standards of the art of mixology by passing on Mr. Trummer’s secrets and techniques to mixology enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves on using Albert Trummer’s signature techniques developed from years of international travel and collecting secret techniques and recipes throughout his journeys. Albert Trummer has developed a world-renowned technique for mixing cocktails. Mr. Trummer’s knowledge is a mix of studying ancient European apothecaries, herbs and remedies, and recipes from monasteries and old family secret formulas.


“No one I have met has the taste levels of Albert Trummer — how to build a drink. He has a glossary of alcohols in his head, he knows each one like a chef does.”
-Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian

“After an hour or two at the bar watching his drink execution and studying his mise en place, it was apparent that Bar Chef was more than just an affectation. Albert has worked for talented chefs and adopted their approach to running a kitchen as a blueprint for setting up his bar. This is the most important and revolutionary trend I have seen in the bar business in years. ”
– Dale DeGroff, founder and president of The Museum of the American Cocktail

“Mr. Trummer is no ordinary bartender. Stalks of lemon grass, fresh black cherries and plums adorn his bar, along with a chemistry lab’s worth of bottles and vials containing secret homemade elixirs of bitters, grenadine and peach puree.”
– Warren St. John, New York Times