“I could never quite accustom myself to absinthe, but it suits my style so well” – Oscar Wilde

Summer Cocktail

Here is a fresh summer cocktail perfect for cooling off:

2 oz Austrian herbal elixir
3 oz vodka
1 teaspoon Albert’s special elderflower sorbet
1 drop hibiscus extract
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz fresh squeezed OJ

put all ingredients except sorbet into a mixing glass
stir gently
add ice
put into cocktail glass

top with elderflower sorbet

A refreshing cocktail featuring the special herb, “Horny Goat Leaf,” from South East Asia. Horny Goat Leaf is a stimulant that also works as an aphrodisiac. Mix this up at home for a sure thing:

Horny Goats!
Put 5 horny goat leaves into a water glass
Add 8 oz of D’usse cognac
Let it sit overnight at room temperature

The next day:
Cut six pieces of cucumber (small slices)
Four mint leaves
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz vanilla elixir
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
3 oz Grey Goose vodka
and 2 oz of your Horny Goat Leaf infusion from the night before
put all these ingredients in a shaker
add ice
shake well
stir into a cocktail glass
garnish with a cucumber slice

Borgmann, one of the first royal apothecaries in Europe, created a special digestive elixir called Borgmann 1772, which is used for health purposes
The Borgmann Apotheke

3 oz D’usse
1 dash of Grand Marnier
1 oz Borgmann 1772
1 oz vermouth
1 sprig thyme
1 sprig lavender

Put all the ingredients into a shaker
add ice
shake well
strain ingredients into a cocktail glass
garnish with one star annise

Herb of the week Juniper

Juniper is a bitter, aromatic herb. It can improve digestion and has antiseptic and diuretic qualities.

The berries can be used fresh or dried as an ingredient.

Juniper can promote weight loss as it can reduce water retention and has diuretic qualities. It can also improve digestion and has antiseptic qualities.

Juniper can be easily used in mixology with gin, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Kick off your summer with this delicious cocktail by our associate Uwe Christiansen of the world famous Christiansen’s bar in Hamburg, Germany.

2 oz D’usse cognac
1 oz orange liquer
1 dash true bitters
1 brown sugar cube
4 oz champagne

Put all the ingredients into a champagne glass and stir gently. Fill with champagne and add an orange zest.

Check out more of Uwe’s recipes in his cocktail book, Mixed Emotions

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If you get the chance to pop over to South Beach for a little R&R, or are just lucky enough to actually live there, be sure you check out the Broken Shaker in the Indian Creek Hotel. Run by BarLab group Elad Zvi and Gabriel Ort, this pop-up mixology spot located in the unassuming Indian Creek Hotel has all the items on our venue checklist: inviting decor, a friendly staff, an outdoor patio, cool guests, great music and of course amazing cocktails.