Introduction To Mixology:
Do you want to impress your guests with a perfectly mixed Manhattan or wow friends at your summer soiree with a seasonal cocktail that takes their breath away? Hiring a professional mixologist at your event can cost thousands, so why not learn the craft yourself?

This introductory course to mixology is for those students who want a taste of the art of mixology. You will learn the basics behind the herbs and fruits and spirits that Albert Trummer uses. You will learn basic seasonal cocktails that you will be able to prepare at home with ingredients from your local grocery store or farmers market, or which you may already have at home in your cupboard! Making great drinks can be easy and fun! 1 week course or 2 day intensive

Mixology For Bartenders: Do you want to work in the exciting world of New York City nightlife? The sophisticated movers and shakers who participate in international nightlife and patronize the A-list venues do not accept a simple vodka tonic anymore. Get behind the velvet rope and learn to make the drinks that the tastemakers of the world demand. Give yourself that extra edge and learn the tricks of the trade that make you that bar chef that everyone goes to see and loves to chat with and tip! In this course, you will go to the next level and learn extensively the science behind herbs, fruits, and spirits and why certain drinks make people act certain ways. Learn everything you need to know for working behind the bar, from opening, prep, setting up a bar, cash register, etc. to mixing drinks that will wow your customers. Special guest speakers from our partners at Grand Marnier, Moet Hennessy, Russian Standard, Bacardi, Svedka, and other world renowned liquor companies will give you the inside on the liquor industry. Upon completion and passing the Albert Trummer Mixology Final Exam, you will receive a certificate of completion that will give you that extra edge when working in nightlife. 2 weeks

Mixology For Professionals: Are you already rocking the world of bartending? Maybe you own your own catering company or venue and want to kick the menu up a notch. Hiring a professional mixologist to consult on your menu can cost an arm and a leg, so why not learn the art yourself? In this intensive course you will learn the ins and outs of the world of mixology. You will receive intensive fruit, spirit, and herb education, cocktail pairing, how to tailor your menu to your customers, liquor trends, and seasonal cocktails. Make your spot the place where everyone goes, “because they have great drinks!” 3 weeks

Custom courses:
We understand that you may have a schedule that does not allow you to participate in one of our courses. Contact us regarding courses tailored to your schedule.

Cocktail lab:
Mixology is constantly a work in progress. Inquire regarding our monthly cocktail lab, where we “tune up” and “work out” our cocktail mixing skills. Keep up on trends, seasonal cocktails, or just practice making your favorite drinks.